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Factory Additions!

  Adding new Production Offices to our Facility!    

New Addition to our Facility!

The new addition to the facility was being prepped last week to start running production through it this week! We will have another blog post this week to explain what the addition is going to do for our production line! Check out the photos of the new space!      

New Addition all closed in!

Visited the factory today to see the progress of the expansion, the whole addition is now weathertight!  The walls dividing the old and new have been taken out and only a small section remains to be removed! Everything is on schedule and moving along smoothly! Check out the photos of the progress!

Working on the Roof!

This week the addition is getting a roof!  You can see the construction crew up above installing the roof.  This project is moving along quite nicely.     

Siding is on…..

 The expansion is moving along quite quickly even with the rain we’ve had the past week. The siding is almost complete, they are starting on the roof!

Monday Construction

The factory expansion is moving along quite nicely. Today there are people on the roof working on the beams, electricians wiring, and siding is being installed on the end! Progress!  

Framing the Roof!

Work has progressed quickly since the last photos! They are almost done with framing and check out the crane!

Construction Continues….

Framing has begun! Check out the begining of our new building expansion!

Construction Has Begun!

We are expanding our Commodore Homes of Indiana Plant!  We are adding about 15,000 square feet to the facility. The construction process has begun, and will be complete this summer.  Check back to see the progress weekly!     Want to read the Article by Elkhart Truth follow this link!