Monthly Archives: May 2014

Working on the Roof!

This week the addition is getting a roof!  You can see the construction crew up above installing the roof.  This project is moving along quite nicely.     

Siding is on…..

 The expansion is moving along quite quickly even with the rain we’ve had the past week. The siding is almost complete, they are starting on the roof!

Design Tip #4

Color, Color, Color! Finally, color is making a come back. We are seeing a broader use of color in furniture, painted walls and small appliances. On a recent “color study trip” to several retail venues there was a notable shift from neurtals to mroe color. Furniture pieces are being shown with grey combines with orange, […]

Monday Construction

The factory expansion is moving along quite nicely. Today there are people on the roof working on the beams, electricians wiring, and siding is being installed on the end! Progress!  

Framing the Roof!

Work has progressed quickly since the last photos! They are almost done with framing and check out the crane!

May’s Featured Home is the Savanna II!

Great curb appeal draws you to this exterior of the Savanna II.  Great color combinations, clay package, window lineals, new front door, added on-site porch all make this home a great one to look at!  This home is filled with fantastic features throughout.  The spacious living room & dining space are one large open room […]

Construction Continues….

Framing has begun! Check out the begining of our new building expansion!