Ultra: "going beyond others or beyond due limit: extreme."

As defined by Webster, Ultra is the perfect word describing our

Ultra Series Family of Plans



Grandville Ultra 1 -220A


Grandville Ultra 2 -221A


Grandville Ultra 3 - 613


Grandville Ultra 4 - 614A


Grandville Ultra 5 - 222A


Grandville Ultra 6 - 223A


Grandville Ultra 7 - 224A


Grandville Ultra 9 - 227


Grandville Ultra 10 - 228

The Ultra's are new floor plan offerings added to the Grandville series. They share the same standard features except a few floor plan specific standards and maintain the great value the Grandville series currently provides.

The Ultra family of plans are designing utilizing 13'8" floors resulting in spacious, open concept living.
Common themes are present in each "Ultra" enabling the future homeowner
to gain a sense of each Ultra based on viewing a model.


Each Grandville Series home can be "Ultra Sized" utilizing a 13'8" floor.

With these additions, the Grandville will continue to be the most flexible and highest valued home offering in the Midwest and beyond.

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